#SOSGalapagos - Each year a fishing fleet, Chinese flagged in its majority, stays at the edge of the Galápagos Marine Reserve & the ZEEI in search of marine species. In 2017 the cargo ship Fu Yuan Lent 999 was captured with 300 tons of marine animals, including protected species such as the whale shark.

Just like Jonathan R. Green, many of us have given our lifework to science, conservation, and education for this archipelago. Millions of dollars invested in decades and right now, today, there is a fleet of 260 fishing vessels in migratory routes, destroying our marine fauna. The impact of these ships its already known. Marine corridors need to be protected in order to avoid the slaughter of protected marine and endangered species. The Galápagos Marine Reserve needs to be expanded!

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Created & written by:
Andres Cruz @andrescruz95
Joshua Vela Fonseca @joshuavfonseca

Jonathan R. Green,
Lindblad Expeditions
Parque Nacional Galápagos
Lucas Bustamante
Pelayo Salinas
Robbie Lamb
Inti Keith
Sebastián Cruz 
BBC News
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